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Believe That You Can Pass!

Posted on 29th Aug 2010 @ 4:38 PM

Believe That You Can Pass!

Excerpt from Wiley Get Motivated!, by Debra R. Hopkins


Passing the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination is not easy. Ever since 1917, the CPA exam has been challenging candidates. With a first-time passing rate of 12 to 18% on the pencil-based exam and a less than 50% per exam section passing rate on the computer-based test (CBT), it is assumed that most people will fail one or more sections on their first attempt. That’s right, the odds are against you. Yet the only way to become a CPA is to keep on trying. Completing the exam is one of the greatest accomplishments an accountant can achieve. Completing a degreed accounting program is an accomplishment to be proud of, but passing all four sections of the CPA exam is the crowning glory. The old story goes, anyone can earn an accounting degree, but only the best accountants can pass the CPA exam. Without the three initials CPA, you are just another accountant. How could three initials mean so much?

Being a CPA sends certain signals. People know that you have achieved a very difficult goal—you have passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant exam, one of the most difficult certification examinations in the nation. Meeting a state’s CPA requirements is necessary to be licensed to practice in that state. In the business world, the CPA designation instills confidence and trust. Compared to an accounting graduate who has not yet attained certification, CPAs command higher salaries, are in greater demand in the workforce, and are given greater respect by the general public. The recent economic and accounting problems have made the CPA certificate more valuable, rather than less valuable. With the Securities and Exchange Commission and various oversight boards watching the profession, the CPA designation sends the signal of professional achievement. You have attained a minimum level of competence required to perform your work.

Who wouldn’t want more money, more job choices, and more respect? The desire to become a CPA should be yours. You must believe that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to pass this exam. If you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I can pass the CPA exam,” you are ready to proceed. Believing that you can pass the exam is the first step. Now, what’s next?

Steps to CPA Exam Success 

In today’s highly technological and informational age, it is amazing how many people take the CPA exam without knowing much about the process. Perhaps this is the reason why over half of the people taking the exam fail on their first attempt. To complete the CPA exam successfully, you must understand much more than the technical material. The three to four hours that it will take you to read this book will save you countless hours of study time and hopefully help reduce the stress that goes along with a high-stakes exam. Get Motivated! is designed not only to keep you pumped throughout the study process, but also to help you

  • Increase your memory power
  • Design a personalized study plan that is customized to fit your busy lifestyle
  • Eliminate the fear of failure by understanding the exam process
  • Decrease test anxiety by increasing your overall knowledge of the exam process
  • Improve your study habits for the CPA exam, other professional certifications, and other study programs, such as graduate school
  • Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness with which you study


Wiley is a regular contributor to www.cpareviewmaterials.com/. If you are interested in purchasing Get Motivated! click here.

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