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11 Best Ways to Relax After Busy Season

Posted on 23rd Apr 2012 @ 4:38 AM

By Roger CPA Review

With 80+ hour weeks finally a thing of the past, CPAs everywhere are gearing up to wind down this weekend. From getting a much-needed massage, to jumping right back into CPA Exam studying, find out how your colleagues plan to unwind now that the busy season buzz has piped down.


“Spa day, lunch, shopping and wine with one of my favorite people!” ~Vicki F., Moss Adams

“Smaller scale wins: taking a nap :), cooking and enjoying a good meal!” ~Megan L., Lutron Electronics

“I will take the BEC exam, then, I’m going to VEGAS!” ~Maricar, Julie R Dhingra

“Kiss babies and hug old ladies, booty bootcamp, and Tough Mudder!” ~Eric Yeoman V, CPA, CFE, tys, llp

“Post tax season I know everyone has a lot of household chores, cleaning etc. to catch up on but it is imperative to take a weekend off to relax and recharge the battery.   A nice little weekend getaway is perfect with friends and/or family right after tax season.” ~Brian, Fitzgerald, DePietro & Wojnas

“I’ll be studying for the CPA exam. But, actually, I am just trying to go to as many Giants games as possible!” ~Amanda S, KPMG

“I’m going to Disneyland and Sea World with my family, especially since I know my daughter will enjoy it!” ~Salvador S., DPV&B

“The reward is in knowing that there’s a light at the end of a tunnel. I think I speak for everyone when VACATION, paid or unpaid, is the best rejuvenator after the season ends.” ~Jenny C., BPM

“Post tax season trip to NYC, studying resumes Monday! And, it's not over yet Roger! Those habitual late filers are really killing me…” ~Anjelica Gazzano, Nelson, Vogelheim and Phillips

“Roger – we just have a date to go over accounting for leases.” ~JoMarie C., Delia & Valera

“I just finished my second busy season so I definitely know what it feels like to need relief afterwards! I think a weekend getaway is the perfect way to relax after busy season. Even if all you can afford is an afternoon drive, it feels great to be able to disconnect from the normal grind and to wind down and unplug.” ~ Courtney, Deloitte

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