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What was the most difficult part of preparing for the CPA exam and what did you do to overcome it?

Making myself study was the most difficult part. There are so many distractions in life, all of which are more fun than studying.  I found that tasks I previously avoided became more enjoyable than studying (who wouldn’t rather clean up after the dog?)! ...More


An overriding concern should be an orderly, systematic, toward your preparation program and your examination strategy. A major objective should be to avoid any surprises or anything else that would rattle you during the CPA exam. In other words, you want to be in complete control as much as possible. ...More





As February is coming to an end, many of you have started planning your CPA Exam dates for this year. As a leading CPA Review Course, we want to make sure that all your questions are answered! ...More




Interview.jpgRecruiting 101 for the Accountant

Today, the number of student accounting candidates looking to get recruited and hired is growing at a vast rate, partly due to the great job outlook of public accountants. With more competition in the job market, it's becoming increasingly crucial to not only have a great resume but also be able to market yourself to stand out from the candidate pool. Here we have our Recruiting 101, a how-to guide to getting that dream job! ...More


Money.jpgDoes it PAY to Become a CPA?

If there’s one thing you will not be complaining about as a CPA, it’s your salary. Even new grads are offered a sizable sum, and your earning potential over time is among the best out there. Of course, as with any profession, salaries vary by geography, experience, education, and company size. But the consistent high demand for CPAs, which continues to rise, is good news for you and your bank account....More


success_vs_failure.jpgThe Most Important Choice You'll Make

I know the single, most important factor in whether or not you will pass the CPA exam. It’s not the type of review materials you choose, the quality of your college professors, or your natural accounting abilities, although those are all important. Whether or not you pass the CPA exam depends on one thing: a choice. ...More

Change.jpgFive Ways the CPA Exam Could Change in 2011

We've been talking plenty about 2011 CPA exam changes but since this is my last Friday CPA exam column until the new exam hits in January of next year (December being a blackout month), I figured now would be a good time to go over what will or might be changing next year, much of which is entirely dependent on how things turn out early in the year when CBT-e launches.


Teamwork.jpgFASB and IASB Play Tag Team

Financial Accounting Standards Board acting chair Leslie Seidman and International Accounting Standards Board member John Smith gave a fast-paced rundown of where the two boards stand on their various convergence projects, and the overall message seemed to be, “We’re listening to you, folks.”


International.jpgAICPA Announces International CPA Exam Locations

Have you, like many foreigners, been tripping about getting into the US to take the CPA exam, battling with strict post 9/11 Visa rules and other assorted red tape? Trip no more, the CPA exam is about to go international. This is huge because the exam is also about to get an international makeover (like IFRS testing in FAR and international audit standards in AUD) but that couldn’t at all be coincidentally related to this announcement from the AICPA


Uphill.jpgHow Much Harder is BEC going to be in 2011?

Following the awesomeness that was our “How Much Harder Is FAR Going To Be In 2011?” post, I figured it would be a good idea to go over each section to compare this year’s CPA exam with next year’s. Today you’re lucky to get a good BEC wrap up.



Tax.jpgREG: Time Management Tips for Exam Day

Dr. Gregory Carnes focuses on teaching tax professionals how to integrate the tax law in strategic decisions. Dr. Carnes serves on the Board of Trustees of the American Taxation Association. He previously served as President of the Accounting Program Leadership Group and as President-Elect of the Federation of Schools of Accountancy. He has written chapters for leading tax textbooks and more than 25 articles for professional journals. Professor Carnes has also provided tax training for national accounting firms.

Success.jpgBelieve That You Can Pass!

Passing the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination is not easy. Ever since 1917, the CPA exam has been challenging candidates. With a first-time passing rate of 12 to 18% on the pencil-based exam and a less than 50% per section per exam section passing rate on the computer-based test (CBT) it is assumed that most people will fail one or more sections on their first attempt. 

Stop_Watch.jpgTime Management of Your CPA Exam Prep

As you begin your CPA exam preparation, you obviously realize that there is a large amount of material to cover over the course of the next two to three months. Therefore, it is very important for you to organize your calendar, and maybe even your daily routine, so that you can allocate sufficient time to studying.


Exam.jpgSlaying Your CPA Study Dragon

The calender is filled with chapters, topics and tasks to complete before sitting for the next CPA exam. Realistic daily study goals are set. Now it's time to slay the dragon. It will take dedication, focus and a bit of selfishness...More



article_test2.jpgCommon Pitfalls on the CPA Exam

... 2) Watch for wrong-choice indicators; words like, “always,” “never,” “only,” “under no circumstances,” “identical,” etc. These words are usually there for a reason ...More




5_Keys.jpgFive Keys to Passing the CPA Exam

Passing the CPA exam will not be easy, but if you follow these five important rules, you will significantly increase your chances. 1. Make a study schedule. You must make a detailed schedule of your CPA exam study plan. If you have three months before your test date, schedule what you will study every day and every week....More

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