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Yaeger CPA Review




Successful CPA Students Choose Yaeger CPA Review 

Yaeger CPA Review is a complete CPA Review Course. All topics are covered, and it's done in about 132 hours. With Yaeger HomeStudy you study at your own pace, at your own place. We will teach you how to PASS the CPA Exam. 


We are a teaching course. We explain each concept through lecture, then reinforce your understanding by working hundreds of multiple choice questions and simulations with you. Yaeger HomeStudy is filmed in a studio, with no student interruptions. The result is that more material is covered in less time than in a classroom environment. This is a more efficient and effective way for you to PASS the CPA Exam.


We have provided the highest quality CPA review and instruction worldwide for more than 34 years. We have an 88% pass rate. Don't take our word for it, view our testimonials.


Our years of teaching experience have provided us with knowing the perfect balance between lecturing to explain a concept and working mcq and sims along with you, to make sure you not only understand the concept, but also know how to apply that understanding to answering questions correctly. And, hey, answering questions correctly is what passing the CPA Exam is all about!

Instructor Hotline

If you have any questions while studying, just use our Instructor Hotline and talk to us directly. We are all here to help you pass the exam and move on with your personal and professional life!

Yaeger CPA Review HomeStudy

This package includes:

51 hours of teaching video lectures, on USB or DVD’s

The video lectures are comprehensive, with nineteen hours of content available in USB or DVD format. This ensures that you’re able to access both online and offline, no matter what software system you’re using.

2012 Wiley CPA Review textbook

As always, the Yaeger CPA review materials include the renowned Wiley CPA Review textbooks. This specific course includes the 2012 Wiley textbook for Financial Accounting, covering multiple choice questions, exam simulations, guidelines, and more. 

Link to download Instructor-authored handout

Not only that, but you receive direct links to download the instructor-authored handout. This helps you follow along with the video lectures all the better, being guided by the instructor’s insights on these in-depth topics.

Access to Yaeger CPA Review Instructor Hotline (time limits apply)

Have questions about specific points of the course? We give you direct access to our CPA review instructors, so your studies are always guided by the best. Time limits apply.

Wiley Test Bank software

 Alongside the Wiley textbook, you also get a dedicated software module that lets you review and practice exam simulations, review all new formats and forms for the exam and helps you organize your studies in the most efficient way. This is an essential tool to your CPA exam success!

Unlimited use of the course

Once you purchase this course, it’s yours forever! No limits on how many times you can use it to review, and all materials are yours to keep. Focus on the essentials so you’re fully prepared to pass this section of the exam with incredible scores.

Four part Yaeger HomeStudy course:

  • 136 hours of teaching video lectures, on USB or DVD's
  • 4 volume set of Wiley CPA Review textbooks
  • Link to download instructor-authored Handouts
  • Access to Yaeger CPA Review Instructor (time limits apply)
  • Wiley Test Bank software
  • Unlimited use of course


4-part Listen and Learn Audio Lectures

Listen-n-Learn as our instructor methodically goes over all of the key concepts you will need to understand for the CPA exam. 

We will email you the link for your MP3 file download once your order is processed. Download and save your file that you can then burn the MP3 onto CD or put on your MP3 player, iPod, etc.

Listen to a sample Audio Lecture.


Our CPA Review CRAM course can help you pull it all together.

The YAEGER CPA Review CRAM course is designed as a final wrap-up, to assist CPA candidates a few weeks prior to taking the exam. No matter what CPA Review course you have taken for your initial study, our CPA Review CRAM program will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses before you go in to take the CPA exam so that you are fully prepared when you take your exam.

Let Yaeger CPA Review CRAM course help you pick up those extra points that will make the difference!

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